Happy Customers

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Venus the two faced cat and Jack on their Kitty Mansion cat tree

Venus the two face cat and Jack lounging on our Denver model Kitty Mansion.


Smush Ball Dan Bilzerian's cat on their Kitty Mansion cat condo

"We love our Kitty Mansion, thank you!"- Smush Ball and Little Penelope


Sauer Kraut Kitty's foster room cats on their Kitty Mansion

"There are lots of shenanigans going on in the foster room on the #KittyMansions tree!"- @thesauerkrautkitty


Boston cat scratcher

"I must tell you, our cat, Tabbi, LOVES LOVES LOVES her kitty mansion. It is her home base. She playfully runs from the dogs up it, sleeps in it, plays in it, watches birds out the window in it, plays fetch from the bed to it, etc etc. We just wanted to say “Thank YOU!” for a great quality product and a great price and send photos that you can use on your website if you wish."- Meredith A.


Cat on his Amazon model cat treee scratcher 

"Three cats means three cat towers so we went all out for the third!"- @amarie_fitfunsize


Amazon cat furniture

"I just had to share this picture of one of our cats, Indy, enjoying his new Kitty Mansion!  Thanks so much for working with me to get this little piece of heaven for our cats! :)"- Kim & Tom S.


Beautiful Bengal on a Kitty Mansions cat tower

 "Relaxing up on his Kitty Mansion."- @bensonthebengal


Redwood cat condo

"Hello, I recently purchased one of your mansions. I am very happy with it and all 5 of my cats are completely thrilled with it. You make a quality product. I tell all my friends about it. Keep up the good work."- John F.


Rome cat tree

"Boy was this a great buy! At first we were afraid it was too big for our one bedroom apartment, but it turned out to fit just great. We purchased a smaller tree at first, but on the way home we realized we really wanted the Rome model, so we drove back and made the exchange. It completely changed the environment for our cats. They chase each other up and down it at high speeds ever day. They take turns hiding in the condos and then jumping out at each other. We tie new toys to the condo to catch their attention from time to time. They would never get this much exercise without it. And they use the cat scratchers almost exclusively saving our furniture. Best of all was the price. Much smaller cat trees at Petco cost much more. For a few hundred dollars in most stores you don't get that much. We are on a very strict budget and we could never have gotten anything nearly this wonderful for the price we paid. Thank you so much."- Wendell J.


Silly cats on their Kitty Mansion cat furniture

"Mom, I think he got into the cat nip again."- @cctuxedo 


Boston cat tree

"Thank you so very much from our kitty clan of eight!!  The Boston Kitty Mansion  was purchased as a gift from my parents. We have all varieties of cats with different personalities. The kitty mansion pleases them all! I also have a who has cerebral hypoplasia and has a hard time jumping up to high places. This condo has been great for him since it has multiple levels for him to access easily! Thank you so much!"- Suz and the kitties


Roaring kitty playing on their Kitty Mansions cat tree

"I am kitten hear me roar!"- @chase_elliot_the_kitten


F3 Savannah on Kitty Mansion

"This is Bonsai, he is a one year old f3 savannah. He loves his Kitty Mansion. So far he owns four."- Sandra S.


Beautiful cat playing with cat toys on Kitty Mansion cat scratcher

"Happy Sunday!"- @chipandcharles


 Safari cat condo

 "And here's a pic of of a happy Phyllis."- Amy S.


Boston Kitty Mansion

"We received our Boston today and they kitties were so anxious for it to be put together.. They paced back and forth until it was finished.  2 were on it when we moved it into place and were so comfy they didn't budge.. lol  In the picture is, top level- Minette, middle- my big boy Taj (he's 18 lbs), in the basket- Misty,(the baby) and Midnight was checking out the bedroom. My lil dog, Rocky, that thinks he's a cat since he was raised with them all, has tried going up the ladder.. I won't be at all surprised to see him on it one day soon.

We had another tree for a couple of months, a cheap thing from Walmart that didn't last even 2 months.  They had the carpet pulled loose and the thing got so weak it was falling over.  Taj didn't even fit on it.. so he's loving this one!

We are so happy now to have a quality cat tree!  The fabric is so so soooo soft!  As she put it together, my niece was very impressed at how easy it was to assemble (easier even than the cheap one).  So here's hoping they stay off the top of the refrigerator now!  lol

Thank you for such a good product.. we hope to have many happy years with it :)"- Pam, Taj, Minette, Midnight, Misty and even Rocky


Kitten Wars on their Bel Air model Kitty Mansion cat tree

"Kitten Wars!."- @cutevanille


 Houston cat condo

 "I recently purchased a Houston cat tree for my two cats and I just wanted to say that this is the BEST cat tree I’ve ever seen! It seems like so often the cat trees on the market are either really flimsy and not really safe for play or they’re so expensive I can’t afford them. But your cat trees fit the bill – affordable AND sturdy – and fun! My kitten didn’t even wait until I’d finished putting it together to start playing :)
I just wanted to let you know it’s a great product!"- Julie H.


Three tier Kitty Mansions cat condo with cute cats

"All three tiers = the perfect cat cake!!!"- @falkor_theluckdragon


Boston cat furniture

"This picture was taken a couple hours ago and they're still up there! This is Templeton (orange) and Cosmo (not orange) and I think they are pleased with this purchase, as am I. It was at my house 4 days after I bought it, simple and easy to put together, and reasonably priced. I have definently spread the word about Kittymansions already, and I look forward to ordering another! Thanks for reading. :)"- Alyssa G.


Bengal on Kitty Mansion cat tower

A little excited about our 'Tasmania' model Kitty Mansion - @jiro_boo


Custom cat furniture

"Hi, this is the best investment I've done, my cats are very picky and let me tell you they love the furniture... Jhony Mouse, Cloudy Mouse and Dena Mouse just wanted to say...We love you Kitty Mansions!"- Xiomara G.


Bengal on a Kitty Mansions cat tree

"Remy loves a lazy caturday in his kitty mansions tree! Frequently find all three Bengals there!"- @mars.and.the.brawlers


Toronto cat scratcher

"This is Stella. I bought her the Toronto Kitty Mansion, which came only 3 business days after I ordered it. She has never been happier! She loves to climb the posts up to the top level where she can perched and look out the window. Great price and great product! Thanks!"- Dominica M.


Princess Monster Truck on top of her Kitty Mansion cat tower

 Looking majestic on top of her Kitty Mansion. - @princessmonstertruck


Honolulu cat condo

"Steve loves his Honolulu Kitty Mansion!"- Shannon E.


Boston kitty condo

 Looking extra cute on our Boston model cat condo. - @macchacat


Safari cat scratcher

"Attached is a lovely picture of Kobe kitten on his cat tree. He loves it! Thank you!"- Heather R.


Beverly Hills cat tree

"Just wanted to thank you for your fantastic product and service! The Beverly Hills cat tree is perfect for our house and a huge hit with our three cats. This is a great tree- very sturdy and well made and nice to look at. Over all we could not ask for more! If we ever need another cat tree, we know where to go!!"- Ralph P.


Bengal roaring from their Kitty Mansion cat furniture

Roaring from the top of his 'Redwood' Kitty Mansions. - @the.real.bruskey


Happy cat on a box

 "I bought my cat, minnie, a new cat tree yesterday and found that assembling the tree was VERY easy! Also, I snapped a picture at the right time of minnie on the box when we brought it home. She was so happy when she saw the box...like she knew what it was! I wanted to share the photo with you because it is so cute and thought you would like to see a satisfied cat customer. Thanks so much for making my cat happy!"- Loretta A.


Snaggle Tooth cat in his Kitty Mansions cat condo

"Just chillin' in the Bugga Bungalow on my favorite Kitty Mansion!"- @thelifeofbugga 


Cats enjoying their Amazon cat tree

"I thought your group might like to see how cute my cats look enjoying their kitty mansion."- Carol H.


Cat sitting in a cat tower by Kitty Mansions

"I rule the roost from atop my Kitty Mansion."- @this_goldenone


Cats looking happy on their Boston model Kitty Mansion

 "Hi! My son and I were in your showroom today and purchased the "Boston" cat tree. We love it! But, more importantly, our 3 cats LOVE it! (Top to bottom:Cheeto, Chicken, and Bruce). Thank you so much!"- Beth and Jack


Cute cat caught in the act on his Kitty Mansion cat tower

"Our little lion Cecil loves his new Kitty Mansion!"- @tsnowdon


Happy cat on Shanghai model Kitty Mansion cat tree

 "Hi, wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new kitty mansion!  Thank mew. - Kelso, Kelsey and RJ (Kelsey not in pics but she loves it too!)" - Colleen H.


Happy cats in Bel Air Kitty Mansion

 "Just got our new mansion in today and we couldn't be happier! I have 6 cats and they are so happy right now. Pictured is Kitten (white), Dixie (calico) and Mini (grey tabby) enjoying their mansion. I must say it was very easy to put together and it is super soft." - Dani D.


Redwood Kitty Mansion cat tree

 "Btw my cats have been so happy, I plan on ordering a new cat mansion for their Birthday in September love you thank you for the quality tree my babies love it!" - Daralynn M.


Savannah cat tree by Kitty Mansions

"My bbuddy loves his new kitty mansion. Started off slow, but little nip and results positive." - Debbie Z.


Denver Kitty Mansions cat tree

"So happy with our new kitty mansion!!! Best cat tree I've ever purchased." - Victoria R.


Denver Kitty Mansions cat tree

"Best investment I have made for my kitties. LOVE IT!!" - Kerry S.


Two cats loving their new Kitty Mansions cat tree

"My two Maine Coon kittens loving their kitty mansion!!!!" - Julie J.


Majestic cat on his Kitty Mansion

"My Georgee is the King in his new Kitty Mansion.." - Cindy W.


Beverly Hills Kitty Mansion

"Tessa is very happy with her new tower." - Alicia S.


Dog on Kitty Mansions cat tree

"The cats love the new tree!!! Purchased at an amazing price from Kitty Mansions!" - Clarissa B.


Denver model cat tree by Kitty Mansions

"I did a lot of searching before i bought..i spent hours looking..just wanted to say thank you guys so much! You guys are amazing!!! Great price.great quality and great shipping time! Overall 1000 percent score. I'm a very happy customer and already recommended you to a friend..thanks again!" - Lauren F.


Adorable cat on Boston model cat tree by Kitty Mansions

"Just put together our kitty mansion! I love it, and so do they!! Thanks for the great quality and fast shipping!" - Nycole S.


Cat sitting on the top perch of Beverly Hills model Kitty Mansion cat condo

"I got my cats the Beverly Hills mansion for Christmas, and they couldn't love it more. Aura prefers the towers while Merlin likes the bedrooms. Great quality and affordable price. Thank you Kitty Mansions!" - Peyton R.


Redwood cat condo by Kitty Mansions

"Here is a photo of our happy kitties in their new Kitty Mansion with the added foliage..." - Christine C.


Cute cat on Amazon cat tree by Kitty Mansions

"Super excited about their new Amazon Kitty Mansion! They love it. And I must say, the quality of this thing is AMAZING." - Brittanie W.


 Cat rescue on their Kitty Mansions cat tree

"Thank you, Kitty Mansions, for donating, along with Sebastiaan Bol and Evelien Bunnik (who expertly assembled it!), a wonderful cat tree for some of the kitties at Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation. There were a minimum of 5 cats enjoying it right away!" - Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation


Cat climbing Safari cat condo by Kitty Mansions

"My Nellie loves her new tree house." - Leisa J.


 Denver cat condo by Kitty Mansions

"I would like to give a shout out to this AWESOME company!!!! I ordered the 6' DENVER cat tree this past Monday.... I just received it yesterday!!! Every single thing about this product is exceptional..... from the carpet to all the holes lining up correctly. The absolute BEST part was a 10% off code, NO sales tax...... and FREE SHIPPING!!!!! The only negative thing I could say, was the box was pretty beat up and partially open when it was delivered..... So I was a bit nervous, but pleasantly surprised to see nothing was damaged? Good Job KITTY MANSIONS!!!!!" - Kimberly S.


Three cats in a basket of their Kitty Mansions cat condo

"Is there room for one more?" - Doris V.


Cat with squirrel on their Kitty Mansions cat tree

"My cat Spanky loves his!! His play squirrel does too. lol" - Kathy B.


Amazon cat condo by Kitty Mansions

"We ordered ours and just got it set up today! My five cats love it! I do recommend looking up the assembly instructions for your cat tree on YouTube. Makes it SO much easier." - Brooke M.


Cats loving their cat condo from Kitty Mansions

"My babies love their mansion" - Marian P.


Redwood Cat Condo by Kitty Mansions

"Love it and so does Tigger! I want another one!" - Debbie M.


Multiple cats on Shanghai cat tree by Kitty Mansions

"My husband and I recently purchased the Shanghai Tree for our six cats (Poppy, Asher, Cache, Bugatti, Turtle and Orion).  We put up the tree last night with all six cats helping.  They tested out each piece as we unpacked the box.  Needless to say, they were elated with having this new tower in our master bedroom.  We wanted a place for the cats to play, which would give them another option than being on our bed (climbing over us) all the time.  Only 24 hours have passed and the only time there has not been a cat on the Shanghai tree was at dinner time. Seeing how much out cats love this tower, we just bought another!!!" - Tina D.


 Amazon cat tree by Kitty Mansions

"I received the new Amazon kitty mansion. Thank goodness for the video to support me with assembly! It did take me about three hours last night, and they enjoyed the assembly process, thought we were playing a game. My cats absolutely love it. It's high quality, very sturdy and has so many areas for them to lay and play as they look outside. A huge hit.  Thank you!" - Robin R.


Cats hanging out on their cat condo by Kitty Mansions

"Thanks again so much. I Love it and so do my babies Biskit and Bella. Everyone that has seen it on my Facebook pages asks where I got it so hopefully they will get them some too Great doing business with y’all!!" - Tammi D.


Cute cat tree cat furniture

"Our kitty, Tiggs, loves his new Kitty Mansion! He's posing for his glamour shot. ? Thanks!" - Jennifer L.


Black cats on their New York Cat Tree Cat Furniture

"Dixon at the top, Sophie in the middle and Panda at the bottom all say thank you for their very own Kitty Mansion." - Tabatha


Cute cat on Boston cat condo by Kitty Mansions

"Socrates and I just assembled our new "Boston" mansion this morning. He was not much help (tried to eat the instructions) but I think he is fully enjoying the finished product." - Leslie L.


Yosemite Cat Tree by Kitty Mansions Cat Furniture

"Our cats love the Yosemite Kitty Mansion! Jagger, our high dwelling felion prefers to be on top of the house! LOL!" - Allura E.


Bo and Kona from N2 the Talking Cat Crew

"Bo and Kona living the high life on their awesome kitty mansion???" - N2 the Talking Cat Crew


Troy cat tower by Kitty Mansions

"Today my Kitty Mansion came in and my cats love it!!" - Shelby B.


Beverly Hills cat tree by Kitty Mansions

"Our kitties love the Beverly Hills model. Here they are looking at the bunny rabbits outside. Sophie, Bailey and Piper typically are all "manning" the pillars. Thank you Kitty Mansions." - Sally R.


Cats enjoying lounging on their Kitty Mansions cat tree

"Received my Redwood Kitty Mansion tonight, put it together with no problems.  Introduced the cats to it and they already love it!  Daphne the Burmese is on top and Oliver the orange tabby below, who by the way is 18.5 years old. Thanks much!" - Jennifer G.

Denver cat tree furniture by Kitty Mansions
"Boe and Dolly have two Kitty Mansions (the Denver and the Safari) and they are two happy kitties. Their mom is a happy customer too because both the quality and price can't be beat. Takes little time to put together and the shipping was very speedy both times. We will be life time customers for sure. Thank you!" - Kelli Z.
Denver and Charlotte cat tree by Kitty Mansions
"So happy to have 2 extraordinary cat trees for my 3 kitties. Olly prefers the Charlotte cat tree on the left, but all 3 of them love both trees. The Denver tree on the right is a wonderful starter. We loved it so much that we had to get the Charlotte! Thank you for providing quality cat trees at a great price! Love- Oliver, Castiel, and Dexter" - Lindsay M.
Beverly Hills Kitty Mansions cat tree in a catio
"My boys love their mansion on their new catio!!" - Michelle C.
Foster kittens on their Redwood Cat tree by Kitty Mansions
"My foster kittens enjoying Gaius's tree." - Steff S.
White Coffee Cat Tree by Kitty Mansions
"First of all, great cat trees!  I already bought one of these and the beasts love it so much.  We would like to purchase another for our vacation home, so please let me know when the cream one is back in stock." - Holiday D.
Tuxedo cat on a Kitty Mansions cat tree
"Hi! I just wanted to share some photos of my 5 month old kitten, Po, enjoying his Sequoia Kitty Mansions cat tree. I love the quality of your tree and how cute it is. My baby boy Po absolutely loves hanging out and playing on it. Thanks for making such great cat trees! I couldn’t decide which photo to send you so I just sent them all." - Malinda M.
Burmese cats on a Kitty Mansion cat tree
"I received and put together my cat tree..just wanted to send some pictures of my Burmese cats as they couldn’t stay off of it..they were all over it as I was putting together which was hard trying to put parts together with furr animals all over it." - Jo L.
Beverly Hills cat furniture by Kitty Mansions
"Forrest, Gump, and Tennille love their new Bel Air mansion." - Sherry M.