About Us

        Being cat owners (or should we say cat servants) for pretty much our whole lives, we know what it’s like to have the daunting task of trying to find a cat condo for the cats to scratch and sleep on so they don’t destroy our home furniture. We know what it’s like to spend hundreds of dollars at a big box store for a sturdy, but boring cat tree. We also know what it’s like to spend under a hundred dollars on a decent looking, but flimsy one. It was nearly impossible to find something in the middle ground and it was frustrating.

        We thought to ourselves that there had to be a way to get a sturdy cat tree without breaking the bank. That’s when we decided to do some research, put our manufacturing skills to work and found a way to make cat furniture with quality material for an affordable price! This is when we came up with the idea, Kitty Mansions!

        We started this business to offer cat owners an affordable way to save their couches, beds, and even curtains from being destroyed by their active kitties. We started out by selling our cars to fund our first production run and storing the cat towers in our parent’s backyard. After selling out and receiving great reviews, we thought that this was going to be a hit. So we took loans from the bank, family, and friends to manufacture more of our Kitty Mansions and went all in. We continued to store the cat houses in our parent’s backyard, garage, living room, and even closets! As you can imagine, it was cramped, but growing up in a 4 bedroom house with 11 people we were used to not having much space to ourselves.

        This was back in 2007. Many things have changed since then but we are still family owned and operated. Our Kitty Mansions are now available in a few big online retailers such as Amazon, PetSmart, Overstock, Wayfair, Lowes, Jet, Hayneedle,  and Walmart. We are still striving to be able to offer our cat trees at the lowest possible price without sacrificing quality. We are still cat lovers and have a few in our showroom that love having visitors, so if you’re ever in the area please stop by and say hello to them!